Seconds out - Round #3 of Lockdown!

Yet again we are deeply indebted to our incredible NHS workers, care workers and key workers - we hope to raise some more money for them which will in part go towards mental health care - a most necessary resource for this overworked and highly affected group of caring individuals who have been called on to give more of themselves than we have a right to expect. They are amazing and we are so fortunate to benefit from their sacrifice and courage. 

Tribal Steel created the BRACELETS TOGETHER range of top quality leather and cord bracelets designed, financed and produced by Tribal Steel in April 2020 to raise funds for  NHS Charities Together  COVID-19 Appeal.

This website is due to close at around the end of January 2021 but until then, we have reduced all lines to clear stock and all profits (we estimate this will now be around 15% of selling price) from items sold direct from this website, will go to the appeal. After that time, any remaining stock will be available on Amazon.


Please stop us and buy one! (or maybe two!)

Thanks :)

Alison and Allison


By wearing it, you will be showing your support. We hope to make BRACELETS TOGETHER a symbol of the spontaneous pride and admiration we felt for those risking their lives to help us stay safe during the most challenging threat to our health and our way of life for decades.

There are designs for men, women and children, family and friends can wear one with pride.

Tribal Steel is a long established British bracelet brand and is proud to have designed, sponsored and delivered this quality range in just four weeks aided by of a team of skilled volunteers whom we have never met! Fortunately they answered our 'Call to Arms' plea via Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce and Linkedin!