The success of Clap for Carers

Over the last 10 to 11 weeks the whole nation has come together to support our fantastic carers who are working long hours to ensure care home residents and those needing home care are protected during the coronavirus pandemic.

Standing out on our front doorsteps at 8pm every Thursday evening uncovered emotions people felt they couldn’t express. Why was this though? It’s because those who are not carers, home carers or social care workers haven’t experienced the pressure of this crisis. It’s hard to convey feelings without actually experiencing a trauma. But we all came together and showed our support.

Now Clap for Carers has come to an end we want to continue showing our never-ending gratitude for them. We have designed two bracelets for those working in the care sector. Carers and nurses can wear these bracelets with pride knowing all profits from the sale have been donated to NHS Charities Together.

Let’s not forget those keeping the ground running at care homes like our chefs, activity coordinators, cleaners and many others. They need to be appreciated too.

So Proud Bracelet - £10

Clap for Carers Bracelet - £10

One of our volunteers here at Bracelets Together knows someone very close to her working within a care home as a mental health nurse. After listening to voice notes of her distress and exhaustion, our volunteer decided to surprise said nurse with a ‘Clap for Carers’ bracelet. We are so pleased to have made someone smile after working 12-hour shifts. Upon receiving the surprise parcel, this was the nurse’s response to the gift ‘ALSO THANK YOU 😭😭’

We have to come together and continue supporting those who are taking the necessary precautions to keep our loved ones safe. At some point throughout our lifetimes we will see someone we love living in residential care. Let us make a difference today and show the care sector we stand with them and that their actions will not be forgotten. Say thank you today.

If you want to send a little surprise to someone who you know deserves a treat, then please consider us. All proceeds from the sale go directly to NHS Charities Together and we’re on the way to reaching our £25,000 target with your help.