Bracelets Together supports NHS Charities Together

Bracelets Together was created by Alison Hargreaves and Allison Smethurst in April 2020 during their time in isolation. After being inspired by the Government’s NHS volunteering appeal, they decided to use their creative talents to produce a bespoke and unique bracelet range in support of the NHS, social care and key workers and the emergency services.

Working literally round the clock they overcame a lack of materials, shipping slots, labour shortages and time differences.  In just over 4 weeks they brought the range from concept to market - a tremendous achievement that would take at least three months in normal times.

A troop of creative UK volunteers were recruited from LinkedIn and Bracelets Together was launched due to fantastic volunteers who volunteered their skills and services for free; Huge thanks go to: 


If you haven’t yet purchased a bracelet then please take a look at our range here.