Bracelets Together supports NHS Charities Together

Bracelets Together was created by Alison Hargreaves, an experienced jewellery designer with support from Allison Smethurst whom are both from the West Midlands. The thoughts behind the campaign came from Alison and what she should do with her time in isolation. After being inspired by the Government’s NHS volunteering appeal, Alison decided to use her creative talents to produce another bracelet line.

The support for the NHS, social care and key workers and the emergency services has been overwhelming with so many raising money across the UK. We now have #ClapforCarers on a Thursday evening at 8pm and it’s still extremely moving several weeks on. With the power of social media, the #ClapforCarers campaign soon grew. Businesses, children, care home residents and the rest of the UK population can express their thanks by clapping for one minute.

With such influential campaigns already out in the media, it was time to put on the thinking caps. What could Midhaven Ltd under their brand of Tribal Steel do to continue raising vital funds for NHS Charities Together – COVID-19 Appeal? Well the idea was simple, why not officially launch a bracelet line in honour of frontline workers.

After rallying a troop of volunteers together on LinkedIn through friends at the Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, the plans for Bracelets Together could be implemented.

A special thanks to our fantastic volunteers who have made this happen: 

Within the first two weeks of launching, Bracelets Together has raised over £2,000 for NHS Charities Together. A target of £25,000 has been set by the team and we need your support to make this happen. Whether you would like to surprise a loved one or need a new fashion accessory, you can choose from our vast range of inscribed unisex bracelets. Just so you know we haven’t left anyone out, we want your children to be included too.

If you haven’t yet purchased a bracelet then why not take a look at our colourful range here.