• The success of Clap for Carers

    Over the last 10 to 11 weeks the whole nation has come together to support our fantastic carers who are working long hours to ensure care home residents and those needing home care are protected during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • What Father's Day gifts do Bracelets Together offer?

    This is question is probably running through all of our minds this year. It’s maybe the last thing on our minds with everything that’s going on in the world right now. For over a hundred years, we have been celebrating the Dads, Grandads, Step-Dads and Uncles in our lives. Maybe now, we should treasure this day more than ever. On 21st June 2020, families across the UK will present gifts, cards, hugs and kisses to their fathers.
  • Bracelets Together supports NHS Charities Together

    Bracelets Together was created by Alison Hargreaves, an experienced jewellery designer with support from Allison Smethurst whom are both from the West Midlands. The thoughts behind the campaign came from Alison and what she should do with her time in isolation.